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Weekly Announcements

May 24, 2015

MEMORIAL SUNDAY – We welcome you all to our very special Memorial Day event.  We honor our past and present servicemen and women.  We especially remember those who gave their lives to ensure our freedom.

LADIES’ CLOSING MEETING – Our Ladies’ Bible Study will have its final session until the fall.  Light luncheon will be served as the ladies meet in the Fellowship Hall this Tuesday at 10:00 a.m.

NEXT WEEKEND – Saturday, May 30th, our Men of Grace will have a Men’s Prayer Breakfast at 8:30 a.m.  COME, BRING A FRIEND.  Pastor Earl III will be your host.

CONDOLENCES to Gail D. and family upon the loss of her step-mother, Catherine P.  Services were held last week.

HEARTFELT THANKS from the J. family for your expressions of care and concern upon the recent loss of Charlie’s dad, James.

DAILY VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL – June 22nd-26th.  Look for complete details in next week’s bulletin.

DID YOU KNOW? – The Upward Sports Program led by Coach Chris has informed us that 151 athletes were reached and a minimum of 453 family members and friends were impacted by this Christ-honoring program. Coach Chris is looking forward to next season.

CHRISTIAN SYMPATHY to Judy F. and family upon the recent homegoing of her husband, Keith.

PRAYER LISTGary K., Leroy R., Jack C., Bruce L., Bob H., Dolores K., Paul J., Helen T., Herlinda G. & Marian R. - health concerns. Tim B., Laurel C., Linda H., Judy A., Karen W., Gene H., Michael K., Bill W. & Wanda J. - cancer.  Calvin R., Joe C., William L., Barbara H., Pat B. & Heather M. - recent surgeries and procedures.

MISSIONARY NEWS – THE WESTBROOKS – God has been blessing the ministry in great ways!  I am happy to report that we got a two year extension on our three year missionary permit which expired in March.  In our last newsletter, I told you about the dad that had responded in the invitation during our anniversary service and that I had begun discipleship with him and his wife.  They have completed the class and are continuing to attend church faithfully.  What a joy to watch them grow in the Lord!  Our teen group is doing well.  We just finished a course of study with our teens where we divided sessions with the guys and girls to deal with topics on purity and relationships. Along with blessings, there have also been some difficulties in the past months.  Some of our people have really gone through the fire lately.  Mrs. A, an elderly lady, had to have both legs amputated because of diabetes.  Last year, a group from our sending church brought down a wheelchair for her.  Little did we know how important that would be in her life.  Despite this trial, Mrs. A continues to give praise and thanks to God!  A young mother in our church was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  Last week, she and her husband had a special praise and thanks service at their home, praising God even in the midst of the storm.  It is amazing to watch God give grace to keep on keeping on!  The Hasslers just finished their term here.  We are grateful for their ministry with us.

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