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Weekly Announcements

October 26, 2014

SHARE YOUR FAITH  WORKSHOP with Dr. Les Morgan at 9:45 a.m. this morning and at 6:00 P.M. SHARP TONIGHT in the main sanctuary.  A WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY TO SHARPEN YOUR PERSONAL SOUL WINNING SKILLS.

THANKFUL SURPRISE – The Pastoral Staff gladly received your love gift for their service to the Lord.

WELCOME HOME – Our Associate Pastor, Dr. Jerry Harmon, has arrived home safely from a mission trip to Ethiopia.  We have been praying for his services and God blessed.

CONGRATULATIONS – On October 16th, Israel & Grace G. became the proud parents of a new baby girl, Ivanna Premalatha G., translated “Gracious Gift from God” and “Flower of Love.”

FALL FESTIVAL – November 1st, 12 noon to 3:00 p.m.  A fun packed event reaching out into our community.  Games, pony rides, exciting activities, and most importantly, a ministry and witness for Christ. To get involved, contact Sherry Gorham or Aaron Finley at our church offices, 410-788-6132.

NEW MINISTRY FOR YOUNG MOMS – It’s 4 U Mom.  Bring a friend and join us in the Fellowship Hall for our first monthly meeting on Monday, November 3rd, from 6:30-8:30 p.m.  Enjoy a free supper and craft, and get to know each other.

DON’T FORGET to set your clocks BACK one hour next Saturday night before retiring as Daylight Savings Time ends.

PRAYER LISTMichael K., Shirley F., George C., Tim B., Anthony S., Skip H., Ron & Betty H., Luke H., Judy A., Balfour S., Gail P., Gene H., Bob H., Sheree G. & Bettie D. – cancer. Sharon B., John M., Cierstan R., Bruce L., Glen C., Cindy J., James F., Juanita B., Dick S., Gertrude B., Edna T., Carol A., Nancy S., Kimberly W., Betty B., Linda H., Annie G., Betty C., Angela W., Kevin S., Pat B., Richard H., Rob C. & Charlene B. – health concerns.  Kari B., Barbara S. & Dildar M. – recent surgeries. Vilma B. & Rev. John M. – upcoming surgeries.

MISSIONARY NEWSTHE RICH FAMILY – These past few months we have really sensed the power of your prayers.  God has done so much for us here in Japan.  On April 1st, A 70 year old lady that has been studying Bible and English with us for 7 years received Christ as her Savior.  What a change we have seen in her life!  In May we traveled to Koriyama Baptist Church and unloaded a number of items for 8 different Pastors near the nuclear disaster area, then on to 2 different refugee housing areas.  We also gave each family a special letter and a Gospel of John.  We meet at 5 am almost every Tuesday with Dr. O. as he runs to the hospital.  He was part of the team that flew to Mt. Ontake to help after it blew recently.  Pray for his salvation.  He has given permission for us to have a half hour concert in the ICU on December 23rd (our 3rd year in a row).  Pray for:  the hospital ministry; the Thanksgiving Outreach on November 23rd; the American Family Christmas on December 21st; our New Years’ Service on January 1st; Cathy and I as we prepare for a 6-week furlough in the southern states the end of January; our new Children’s Choir (Joyful Singers) who will sing at several events mentioned; and that Mr. I. will soon come to the Lord.