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Weekly Announcements

February 15, 2015

NEXT SUNDAY – Dr. Les Morgan and wife Valerie will be our special quests.  Brother Morgan will teach the 9:45 a.m. Adult class and preach during the 7:00 p.m. session.  We’re looking forward to their ministry amongst us.

HOW CAN I SAY THANKS?  I’m sure all who attended our Fellowship Banquet will agree that the decorations and food were great.  Thanks to a special person, Sherry Gorham, and her “crew.”  Top-notch program.  THANK YOU ALL.


IT’S 4uMOM – Our evening program for “moms” is also very successful, averaging 50 moms in attendance.  Next meeting, March 2nd.

SKI LIBERTY SNOW TUBING – February 27th, 5-11:00 p.m. for all teens in 6th-12th grades.  Just 30 spaces still available.  See Rev. Finley today to sign up!

S.O.S. – Two men, Richard H. and Bill W., are undergoing very serious health issues and stand in need of our prayers.

PRAYER LISTLaurel C., Tim B., Luke H., Judy A., Audrey P., Michael K., Gene H., Tyka H., Karen W., Wanda J., Keith Fl. & Tyrome E. - cancer.  Gary M., Charles H., Annie G., Margaret M., Irene G., Bob H., Bruce L., Glen C., Juanita B., Dolores K., Mae S., Gertrude B., Carol A., Nancy S., Kevin S., Willie B., Edna T., Kristen W., Richard S., John M., Frank B., Jean S., Etta C. & Helen T. - health concerns. Jordyn E., Cathy M., Ivanna R. & Nellya B. - recent surgeries.  Barbara E., Vilma B., Laurice G. & Gail P. – facing surgeries.

MISSIONARY NEWS – THE TATES – Three buses full of teens, counselors and luggage made their way from Danli to Sanbuenaventura for our first annual Teen Camp.  Over 70 attended the camp with 4 teenagers receiving Christ as their personal Savior.  We also had 4 young men surrender to serve the Lord full-time.  The Camps Abroad ministry of the Wilds sent 3 of their representatives to assist us in counselor training and help with the camp’s organization.  “Teo” was saved a week after we moved to Danli.  He began faithfully attending church services in Danli and was quickly baptized.  Since then, he has faithfully witnessed in Los Robles, the area where he lives, bringing visitors to every service.  The group has grown so that they now fill one of our buses.  The Lord has provided property for us to begin the construction of a new church in this area.  As this is a low income area, many of the children cannot afford to attend school and are malnourished.  It is our desire to construct a church building as well as a feeding center and school in this community.  In addition to the new church property in Los Robles, the Lord has provided nearly 12 acres of property a short 15 minute drive from church that would be used for both the new full-time seminary and a youth camp!  Praise God for: 11 souls saved in the past 2 months; 5 men called into full-time service; and the 2 new properties.  Pray for building funds needed.

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