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July 17, 2016

BASKETBALL SUMMER CAMP – For all TEENS in Grades 7-12 Monday through Thursday this week from 9:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m.   Contact Coach Chris Gorham to register TODAY.

THE WILDS – Annual Teen trip to The Wilds will be August 8th-13th for Junior and Senior Highers.  Fun activities, fellowship with hundreds of other teens, and great Bible preaching and teaching. Register now!  See Rev. Finley for complete details.

PASTOR EARL & WIFE ANNITA are vacationing and visiting relatives in Florida.  Pray for a time of refreshing and travelling mercies.  They will be back for all services on Sunday.

FIRE RESTORATION CONTINUES – Looking forward to the dedication of our restored and updated facilities at the end of August.

CONGRATULATIONS to Justin & Michelle P. upon the July 9th birth of their son, Jonah Manasseh, weighing in at 6 lbs. 6 oz.



AWANA CLUBS – September 19th

IT’S FOR YOU MOM – September 19th

LADIES’ BIBLE STUDY – September 20th

LADIES’ RETREAT – October 7th-8th

PRAYER LISTSteve N., Judy D., Raymond T., Lee P., Florence C., Thomas K., Meghan R., Bert W., Wanda J., Judy A., Laurel C., Cheryl R. & Kellie D. – cancer.  Pat B., Joyce H., Bethany B., Elsie K., Trey B., Deborah W., Theodore A., Julia J., Anna T., Phyllis T., Roosevelt D., Irv G., Catherine C., Mary T., Bob H., David R., Bruce L., Megan P., Rachel W., Helen T., Carolyn S., Paul J., Marlin H., Harold B., Calvin S., Scott W., Sarah A., Johnny H. & Bill W. – health concerns.  David D. & Julia B. – recent surgeries.

MISSIONARY NEWS – THE DEVALVES – We recently attended the graduation of the Dorcas Center, the ministry of a local church.  Five girls had spent three years learning to read, write, sew, knit, and do embroidery, along with classes on living well with their husbands and caring for their children.  Most importantly, they’ve heard Bible stories, learned Christian songs, and have been prayed for.  In recent years, John taught at ESPriT, a theological college here in Niamey.  Even though he didn’t teach there this year, we attended the graduation of three students who are now trained to teach sound theology in their churches.  Nancy is Personnel Coordinator for SIM Niger and the TIMO (Training in Ministry Outreach) Program Coordinator. John is a Vernacular Language Coach. We took a recent trip to their site location via SIMAIR to visit each family in their simple but adequate home. We had a great day getting to know each family and the three singles better, and were privileged to see the team leaders in action. Before coming to Niamey, we spent 16 years in Tera. A church grew out of a Bible Study John held with some young believers in the nearby village of Doumba.  Our church in Niamey partners with this church in Doumba. On July 2nd, we attended the installation of the Pastor of the EEI Church of Doumba.  John preached in Songhai about the responsibilities and privileges of being a Shepherd. How gratifying to see this church continuing to survive and see a pastor in place there.

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