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May 1, 2016

PREPARING for a great Memorial Sunday Service.  All men and women who have actively served our country:  please bring in a picture of yourself in uniform and a recent photo.  Include your name, rank, branch of service, and field of service and drop these at the Visitor Desk (pictures will be returned).  DO IT TODAY!

FIRE RESTORATION begins this week as final touches on the new roof are completed.  Looking for Mid-July occupancy.


  • The Creeds of Christian Faith – Rev. John Moss
  • Theology: Personal Eschatology – Dr. Ernest Peterkin
  • The Book of James – Rev. Earl Johnson III

PLEASE SUBMIT the names of your high school and college 2016 graduates to our church office for recognition.  List name with high school or college and degree.

HERSHEY PARK outing for all 6th through 12th Grade Teens this Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.  Sign up and payment due TODAY.  See Rev. Finley for details.

IT’S 4 uMOM – Wear a hat to our Mom’s Tea Party tomorrow evening from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., our final session until fall.

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL – June 20th-24th. See Rev. Finley to volunteer your help.

HEARTFELT THANKS from Aaron Finley and family for the outpouring of love and cards for his father.  Mr. Finley is doing much better as he continues to recuperate.  P.T.L.

PRAYER LISTVilma B., Theodore A., Mary T., Roosevelt D., Catherine C., Ryder R., Bob H., David R., Katie S., Bruce L., Megan P., Jean S., Jack C., Carolyn S., Rachel W., Michael P., Denise Ga., Helen T., Mary D., Calvin S. & Bill W. – health concerns. Steve N., Florence C., Ryan C., Raymond T., Lee P., Cheryl H., Edna K., Thomas K., Judy A., Wanda J., Dominic P., Kellie D., Bert W., Laurel C., Judy D., Meghan R. & Anita J. – cancer.  Al G., Catherine M., Jonathan P. & Scott W. – surgeries.

MISSIONARY NEWS – THE ANDERSENS – The past year has been the busiest of my life.  When I was without strength, God has always provided.  Among our friends, we saw 12 receive Christ.  At the winter camp, 20 prayed to receive Him.  Besides pastoring Beijing Grace Baptist Church, I have continued weekly preaching at 2 other nearby home churches.  The 2 Sunday evening English Bible Clubs have continued regularly.  I held 1 Bible study and Debbie held 3-4 Bible studies on a weekly basis.  Between 2-4 students studied college level Bible classes twice a week.  Please pray that more students sign up for these classes.  I have also taught a communication seminar of 10 weeks and several sets of 6-8 baptism classes for BGBC.  In classes of 4-12 students, we taught English to 60-80 students in an afterschool program.  At the request of my friend who was supplying our visas, I also tutored high-level managers in a Western company.  This contract was professionally gratifying, but energy draining.  This year we transferred our visas to our own company and plan to expand camps and training for homeschoolers.  The Lord blessed with several new opportunities including a husband/wife relationship conference (Jan); a winter camp in the countryside with 20 children saved (Feb); a family conference (Apr); AECC spring semester (Mar); BGBC Mission Conference (June); 2 camp training sessions with 4 summer camps (July & Aug); AECC fall semester (Sep); a conference on how to study the Bible (Oct); and holiday parties (Nov & Dec).  Thank you for your prayers.

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