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Weekly Announcements

October 19, 2014

SHARE YOUR FAITH  WORKSHOP – Dr. Les Morgan and his wife Valerie will be with us on October 25th & 26th for a seminar on personal witnessing to our friends, neighbors, and loved ones – a life-changing outreach.  A workbook will be available.  All are welcome to attend.

MEN OF GRACE – Join us in the Fellowship Hall October 25th at 8:30 a.m. for prayer and encouragement from God’s Word, followed by the first session of our Soul Winning Seminar.  (Coffee and donuts will be served at the Men’s Meeting.)

FALL FESTIVAL – November 1st, 12 noon to 3:00 p.m.  A fun packed event reaching our community.  Games, pony rides, exciting activities, and most importantly, a ministry and witness for Christ. Contact Sherry Gorham or Aaron Finley by email or phone our offices at 410-788-6132 to lend a hand.

SUNDAY MORNING – Billy & Beth S. publicly dedicate themselves to raise their daughter, Joanna Hope, in a Christian home, with a desire that she comes to know Christ at an early age.

LADIES’ SPIRITUAL RETREAT – November 7th & 8th. SIGN UP TODAY in the Conference Room following services.

NEW MINISTRY FOR YOUNG MOMS – It’s 4 U Mom.  Bring a friend and join us in the Fellowship Hall for our first monthly meeting on Monday, November 3rd, from 6:30-8:30 p.m.  Enjoy a free supper and craft, and get to know each other.

6:00 P.M. BIBLE INSTITUTE CLASSES TONIGHT – Rev. Earl M. Johnson III—Epistles of John; Dr. Ernest Peterkin—Biblical Eschatology; and Rev. John Moss—Doctrine of the Second Coming of Christ.

PRAYER LISTMichael K., Shirley F., George C., Tim B., Anthony S., Skip H., Ron & Betty H., Luke H., Judy A., Balfour S., Gail P., Gene H. & Sheree G. (Bristols’ niece) – cancer. Jan K., Rev. John M., Leroy R., Sharon B., John M., Cierstan R., Bruce L., Don C., Glen C., Cindy J., James F., Juanita B., Dick S., Gertrude B., Edna T., Carol A., Rob C., Nancy S., Kimberly W., Betty B., Linda H., Annie G., Betty C., Angela W., Kevin S., Pat B., Allen B., Richard H. & Charlene B. – health concerns.  Kari B., Chester W., Barbara S. & Dildar M. – recent surgeries.

MISSIONARY NEWSTHE ROMAINES – We arrived in Salamanca, Spain in September.  Our apartment, which felt so foreign at first, is feeling more and more like home.  This would not have happened so fast without the amazing support from our teammates on the field!  Thank you for praying for our safe arrival and for the Lord allowing us to come prior to the arrival of our second child rather than trying to set up with a newborn or waiting until next year.  Jonathan has begun formal language school at a private institution.  A benefit of being in this school is that he’ll be able to take off when our baby is born and simply pick up where he left off without any losses.  Class maximum size is 8 so it is very personal training.  Pray that God will give us wisdom for Hannah’s language training with the possibility of private tutors until she can attend language school after our child’s birth. Our daughter Addaline is adjusting well and will know the language in no time.  Interestingly enough, most Spaniards change their demeanor from being quiet and to themselves when a young child opens the door with some cuteness!  Addy sure is an open door to many conversations on the street and in stores.  We are so thankful for her bright attitude and outgoing personality.