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February 12, 2017

OUR NEW CHAPEL and Children’s Building are now open. All young children’s classes are being held in the renovated rooms:  Nursery (to age 2); Toddler Class (ages 2 & 3); Beginner’s Class (ages 4 & 5); and Primary Class (grades 1 & 2).  GRADES 3-5 meet each Sunday in the Fellowship Hall at 9:45 a.m., and in the new Chapel at 11:00 a.m.

DEACONS will meet with Dr. Harmon this Wednesday evening immediately following the service.  Deacons, please be sure to attend as several important topics will be discussed.

CONGRATULATIONS to Jon & Kylyn H. upon the birth of their son, Jonathan Richard, who arrived on February 2nd weighing 7 lbs.

BIBLE INSTITUTE CLASSES tonight at 6:00 p.m.:  Book of Ephesians with Pastor Earl (Chapel Bldg.); The Tabernacle with Rev. Moss (Ed. Bldg.); and Eschatology with Dr. Peterkin (Ed. Bldg.).

CONDOLENCES to Verndene P. on the loss of her father.  Services for Sam P. are being held today in North Carolina.

SINCERE THANKS from the M. family for your prayers, cards and expressions of care upon the recent loss of Neil’s mother, Margaret M.

REMINDER – Our Church Annual Meeting will be held mid-March.  All ministry leaders, please submit your 2016 report to the church office as soon as possible:

PRAYER LISTOwen S., Alvin M., Geraldine C., Dolores K., Don F., Sook P., Marie C., Bobbette O., Martin H., Sheila M., Megan P., Roosevelt D., Sheila P., Salvatore M., Beverly M., Weston B., Bob H., Bill W., Rachel W., Calvin S., Bree M., Bethany B., Dee H., Barbara E., William S., Michael J., Dolly W., Ray H., Jr. & Janice C. – health concerns. Ariella S., Raymond T., Jean W., Richard D., Meghan., Judy A., Thomas K., Florence C., Laurel C., Pamela G. & Kellie D. – cancer.

MISSIONARY NEWS – THE FINK FAMILY – Nepal is a beautiful, multiethnic, landlocked country that is 80% Hindu and only 1.5% Christian.  The political, economic, and religious environment of the country is volatile.  Every day, about 1,500 Nepalese men and women leave to find work in India, Thailand, or the Middle East, often gone for 2-3 years.  Many do not survive in their pursuit of work.  In addition, there is great fear due to the many earthquakes.  Please pray that the people might find hope in the true Prince of Peace!  Tim and Scott ministered in Nepal Baptist Theological College for 2 weeks with 14 students and 4 faculty members.  Although they taught 5 hours each day, they also had the privilege of preaching in 4 of the church plants within the city of Kathmandu and the mountains outside the city. An older woman who had been a Buddhist her entire life, came to Christ! Between the 3 churches, over 20 people raised hands asking for prayer that the Lord would use them as a bolder but more loving witness to their loved ones and neighbors.  Most of these students come from difficult backgrounds.  One was deaf; however, he persevered in his studies in an incredible way.  Some students are either misunderstood or rejected at home for their faith.  Pray for these precious believers!  Please pray also for the school as they are going through some serious financial hardships.  Their future is uncertain; pray that the Lord would graciously provide for their every need.

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