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Weekly Announcements

July 26, 2015

 CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey & Maria G. who were united in marriage yesterday evening here at Grace.

NEW MEMBERS – This morning we welcome Keith & Kira M. into the membership of Grace Bible Baptist Church.

BEST WISHES to Dr. Sam & Mrs. Anita W. as they celebrate their 40th Wedding Anniversary today.

OUR TEENS have returned from a fantastic week of spiritual instruction and fellowship at The Wilds Christian Camp in North Carolina.  Rev. & Mrs. Finley chaperoned the group.

HEARTFELT THANKS from the G. family for your love, prayers, and cards sent upon the recent loss of Al’s brother, Bob.  The family was comforted by your expressions of concern.

COUPLES’ CLASS – Dr. Jerry Harmon and his wife Carolyn invite you to join their D.I.G. (Delighting in God) Young Adults’ class Sunday at 9:45 in the Education Building.  We are presently studying the Book of Joshua.

BIBLE INSTITUTE – Tonight at 6:00 p.m. with Pastor Earl in the main sanctuary and Rev. Moon in the Chapel Building.

HE IS ALL I NEED! – Sunday evening 7:00 p.m. study from the Book of Colossians with Dr. Harmon.  Explore the truth of the sufficiency of Jesus Christ in the life of the Christian. Tonight: Body Building from Colossians 1:24-29.

PRAYER LISTLisa W., Terry V., Edward T., Keith D., Marion B., Evelyn G., Heather M., Angela G., Brandon W., Charles C. Jr., Baby Jack C., Bruce L., Bob H., Dolores K., Eva E. & Al L. – health concerns. Gary M., Lelia H., Tim B., Laurel C., Linda H., Judy A., Gene H., Michael K., Karen H., Kellie D. & Wanda J. – cancer.  Karen W., Patricia T., Larry D. & William L. – recent surgeries.

MISSIONARY NEWS – THE TATES – The church in Danli has put up a block wall that completes the fencing around the building.  As the workers were laboring away, a taxi pulled up and a young couple got out.  They said they had attended the church a few years ago while it was still meeting in a garage.  They had moved and lost contact, but recently moved back into the area, found a Gospel tract with the church information on it, and hopped into a taxi to search for the church. One of the workers talked to them and encouraged them to come for the mid-week service, which they did.  Praise the Lord for the opportunities to witness while working!  Our institute continues to grow as Bro. Avila has now joined the student ranks.  He feels the Lord has called him to start a church in the mountains in Central Honduras.  He and his wife have been a tremendous encouragement to the church family and the work here in Danli.  Please continue to pray for the institute as God is moving.  The church here in Danli recently celebrated their 3 year anniversary!  Over 300 showed up to hear the Gospel, many for the first time.  Please pray as we follow up on these first time visitors.  Praise the Lord for the 14 souls saved in the past two months; for the 5 in full-time Bible Institute; and for the $8,000 that has come in for the new church in Los Robles.  Pray for the new work in Los Robles as services began in a temporary facility in June; and for housing for out-of-town Bible Institute students.

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