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November 22, 2015

COACH CHRIS is now making plans for our upcoming “UPWARD SPORTS” program.  We almost “maxed out” enrollment in our last session.  Enrollment for our church family will be held before going public.  WATCH FOR DATE AND TIME, to be announced.

TODAY is our last opportunity to bring in non-perishable items for Thanksgiving Baskets.  Thank you.


  • The Creeds of Christian Faith – Rev. John Moss (Church Fellowship Hall)
  • Truth from Error: Study of Cults and Islam – Rev. Ronald Moon (Ed. Bldg. Library)
  • Theology: Personal Eschatology – Dr. Ernest Peterkin (Ed. Bldg. Room 201)
  • The Book of Nehemiah – Rev. Earl Johnson III (Ed. Bldg. Room 202)

THANKSGIVING DAY SERVICE – Join us this Thursday morning at 10:00 a.m. as we worship God in praise, song and testimony.

PLEASE NOTE – There will be NO WEDNESDAY EVENING SERVICE this week due to our Thanksgiving Day service.

PARKING – HELP!  Some are not aware of the FIRE CODE.  We cannot park in or in front of road areas designated FIRE ZONES. All painted fire lane areas are OFF LIMITS.  PLEASE PARK WITHIN WHITE PAINTED LINES.  ONE CHURCH FIRE IS ENOUGH!  THANKS for obeying the FIRE ORDINANCE LAWS.

PRAYER LISTGary M., Emily L., Judy A., Kim C., Laurel C., Gene H., Kellie D., Cheryl H., Brett W., Mike P., Lee P., Meghan R. & Wanda J. – cancer.  Ryder R., Catherine C., David R., Janel O., Fannie B., Mary T., Helen B., Keith D., Heather M., Jack C., Bruce L., Bob H., Catherine M., Megan P., Cliff B., Carolyn S., Marilyn S. & Calvin S. – health concerns.  Brenda K. – mending from knee replacement surgeries.

MISSIONARY NEWS – THE HARTMANS – In October, we sent $300 to the church in Jerusalem as part of our “Project Jerusalem,” 100% of which goes directly to be used in evangelistic outreaches in Jerusalem and throughout Israel.  The people of Israel are going through horrors, but it should be clear to you that the struggle is not about territory, but a satanic battle to take over the earth by a false religion.  We’ve continued to make broadcasts for Canada’s National Bible Hour, presently on Revelation 17.  We’ve also completed our prophetic series, the last booklet entitled “Heaven: What Is It Really Like?”  The President of Global Outreach has asked me to write the next series on the Abrahamic Covenant.  So many people and churches are believing that the church has replaced Israel, that the promises of that covenant have been transferred to the church, and that God has no future for Israel or the Jewish people and is finished with them.  Pray for me about this, as it is pretty heavy stuff and will require much time and effort.  Our home Bible Study continues.  Our Sunday School ministry will continue in November by looking at the woman who bears a man-child in Revelation 12, and the satanic attack that is involved.  We just had a wonderful weekend at our home church honoring our faithful Pastor and his wife who completed 35 years of ministry here in October.  He came to a church of 17 people in 1980 to a current average of over 600 on Sunday morning.  We are in a county in the mountains of southwestern Virginia with a total population of 16,000.  The Lord has used this faithful servant.

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