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Upward Sports


The Upward Sports Program at Grace Bible Baptist Church is for boys and girls ages 4 – 14 who are interested in developing their skills in basketball or cheerleading in a competitive yet supportive way. This program incorporates the 360 Progression, designed to develop each participant’s physical, emotional, and social growth.

The Upward Sports Program is the largest Christian sports league for youth athletics, with leagues, clinics, and camps in 47 states and over 70 countries. Participants enjoy an experience that adapts and expands as players develop and grow in their personal athletic journeys. Each participant will receive comprehensive training and instruction that increases in intensity as the athlete improves.

This program opened the door for my daughters to develop a love for basketball, while learning about God’s word. They are learning how to apply core principles beyond the court,” said Laurice Greene, a parent whose children participated in Upward Sports for the first time.

To avoid player and parent burn out, Upward Sports limits time commitments to one practice and one game per week. Other distinctive aspects of Upward Sports Leagues include:

  • Unique substitution system designed to provide every child equal playing time, competing against an equally matched opponent
  • Competitive games with strict adherence to a proprietary drafting system that balances talent on each team
  • Supportive coaches that bring out “the winner” in every child regardless of the game’s score

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