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Single Women for Christ

Grace Bible Baptist Church Single Women’s ministry meets on the third Saturday of each month.

The group was formed out of a vision to meet specific needs of unmarried ladies and also those ladies who are alone in their commitment to live for Christ. While this ministry is not a Bible Study Group, our focus and attention is always on honoring our Savior, Jesus Christ. The goals of the ministry are:

  • To grow spiritually by reading God’s Word, seeking His will and being obedient to His will.
  • To commit every area of our lives to the Lord.
  • To be faithful prayer partners for one another.
  • To encourage each other in the faith.
  • To be a good friend and sister in Christ.
  • To be of help whenever there is a need.
  • To be a good witness for Christ and a blessing to someone every day.

Some of our activities to enhance Christian growth include: sponsoring women’s prayer breakfasts, conferences, social activities, dinners, theater, and outings to restaurants and member’s homes for fellowship.

This past year we continued to meet our ministry’s mission to reach out to single women as friends and sisters in Christ. Our goal is to be supportive and an encouragement to women striving to live godly Christian lives.

The Single Women for Christ Ministry is host to the Annual Women’s Prayer Breakfast. This event is always well attended. Along with the delicious breakfasts, our special speakers have been an encouragement and blessing each year.

The group’s greatest accomplishments have been, through God’s grace, to be able to minister to needs and show the love of Christ in real and practical ways. Whenever we are together, whether for a meeting or for social events, we always ensure that Jesus Christ is our primary focus.

Where can I learn more?
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