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Ladies’ Bible Study

Mrs. Natalie Johnson leads our Ladies’ Bible Study each Tuesday morning at 10:00 am during the school term (September through May).

We begin our meetings with a period of praise where everyone is given an opportunity to share a testimony of a special blessing from God.  This is followed by singing songs of praise and worship, preparing our hearts for prayer.  The lesson begins after opening prayer.  Lessons consist of in-depth studies of the Word of God, verse-by-verse.  Examples of applying the Scriptures to daily life are discussed.  After the study, ladies share prayer requests and then pray together.  A coffee fellowship usually follows each meeting.

Studying the Word of God draws us closer to our Savior.  Studying with others enhances our spiritual growth, helps strengthen our faith, and encourages us to trust God every day.  The study sessions are always exciting as God faithfully reveals some new truth, as we see prayers answered, and as we see how God is working in our lives.

All ladies are welcome.

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