Weekly Announcements

August 24, 2014

SERVICES were held Saturday at Grace for Charles W. B.  We send our love and condolences to his wife of 47 years, Linda, and family.

HOW CAN WE SAY THANKS? - The church family has gone farther than one could expect in reaching out and serving hurting families through their grief.  The food and physical assistance has been very great.  On behalf of hurting loved ones, we pray God’s special blessings on you all.

SPECIAL URGENT PRAYER REQUEST for Rev. Aaron Finley’s mother, Shirley Finley.  She has a recurrence of cancer, now to the spine.  Aaron visited her during the week.  We are glad for his being with us today.  Mother is home mending.

PROMOTION SUNDAY for Sunday School and Junior Church will be September 7th as the children move up into new classes.  Keep our teachers and aides in prayer as they share the Good News of the Gospel and minister to our young ones.

BAPTISM SERVICE will be held tonight at the close of our evening service.  Come witness the testimonies and encourage those participating as they follow the Lord in believer’s baptism. 

RECOVERY MINISTRY with Dr. Mark Bayne meets in the Church Fellowship Hall each Tuesday evening from 6-7:30 p.m. for those with hurts, hang-ups and addictions. 

LADIES’ BIBLE STUDY will resume in September.  Start date for our Tuesday morning study will be announced soon.

PRAYER LIST - Luke H., Tim B., Ron & Betty H., Skip H., Judy A., Balfour S., Gail P. & Gene H. - cancer.  Glen C., Ginger B., Cindy J., Anna S., James F., Catherine C., Juanita B., David B., Sr., Dick S., Edna T., Carol A., Cierstan R., Mitch S., Dolores K., Vivian D., Rob C., Gertrude B., Celestine W., Nancy S., Irma B., Kimberly W., Betty B., Linda H., Annie G., Betty C., Angela W., Kevin S., Charlene B. & Pat B. - health concerns.  Bonita M. - surgery 8/29.  Bill R. & Ernest P. - recent surgeries.

MISSIONARY NEWS - THE HUDSONS - In early June we landed in Washington,DC and in early September, we are returning back to Vienna. We were diverted from our original furlough plan a bit when it was discovered that Todd had a blood clot pass through his heart into his lung. The pain was the blessing in all of it, because it brought us to the place where we could get help.  The clots are gone.  Todd is on a blood thinner.  We travel a bit slower, but we are doing well.  The Hudson children have made full use of The Wilds this summer, working or as campers at both the North Carolina and New England camps.  One of our teens from Vienna came to experience the impact of this special camp ministry. Two of our children underwent oral surgeries this summer. The tooth extractions hurt both physically and financially.  It seems a dichotomy to pay such a high price to suffer, but it is for future good.  Our lives are often like that.  The cost of suffering is complained about, but rarely do we have the vision to rejoice in the future dividend.  In May, we packed up most of our belongings as we prepared to leave our home of the past 11 years.  How sweet to remember that God is preparing a place for us -- not just inVienna, but in heaven!  We look in faith to the greater good.